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Good blues DVD's

Postby spud camp » Mon Dec 19, 2005 3:10 pm

I watched 2 fabulous DVD's this weekend. The first was "The Search for Robert Johnson", John Hammond went to Mississippi, and did some investigating. It was awesome! There was tons of footage from Johnny Shines and Honeyboy. They first hand tell some stories about Robert. Honeyboy recounts the night of Roberts death. John Hammond manages to track down the actual "Willie Mae" and plays "Love In Vain", for her. It is the first time she ever heard the recordings. A must see.
The second was "The Legends of Country Blues Guitar: volume 1". The line up includes Mance Lipscomb, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, The Reverend Gary Davis, And Big Bill Broonzy, and more. The Reverend Gary Davis is phenomenal! I couldn't close my mouth, my jaw dropped to floor and stayed there the whole performance. I got both of these off netflix, who has just about every blues DVD you could want. I pay a monthly membership just for that.
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RE: Good blues DVD's

Postby mikedev » Tue Dec 20, 2005 12:24 pm

I was fortunate enough to see both Son House and Gary Davis in the late 60's. It left me wondering what they must have been like in their prime, they were pretty good as old men!

I saw Son House in a big concert hall, so couldn't see what he was doing clearly, but the power & Passion came throughin spades.

Gary Davis I saw in a small club. He was playing primarily religous music and played both guitar and banjo. It was much less memorable than Son House, but still good.

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