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Busy Weekend Coming up.....

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:48 am
by jbone1
So this coming Thursday we play a 1-set gig at the local (of all places) public library! they just built it 2 years ago and included a nice atrium outside on the grounds, complete with power. Should be a nice lil 1 hour session with hopefully some local folks getting an earful, not to mention a final rehearse for the:

BLUES CHALLENGE Friday evening in North Little Rock! 9 acts will compete, 5 in the solo/duo category and 4 full bands in the band category. Jawbone and Jolene will face formidable competition in the solo/duo category. Billy Jonez Bluez Revue, Bobby Mercy Oliver, David Kimbrough, and Swamp Donkey are signed up and ready to solo and duo rock the Cornerstone pub on Friday Oct. 2nd alongside us! Our main goal is to suit up, show up, and do what we love to do, to the best of our ability. Anything else is gravy in my book.

Electric acts are: Delta 3, BB Gunn, Clover Blue, and King Tut Blues band. Should at the very least be an interesting evening of music.

Re: Busy Weekend Coming up.....

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 11:56 am
by dcblues
Good luck with the Blues Challenge. Hope you make it to Memphis!

Re: Busy Weekend Coming up.....

PostPosted: Wed Sep 29, 2010 3:41 pm
by jeffl
Go get 'em jbone! Sounds like fun!

Re: Busy Weekend Coming up.....

PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:43 pm
by jbone1
well we didn't win, but the winner sure earned it!

and as always, Jolene comported herself flawlessly on guitar and vocals. we had a perfect set! we were well received by audience and fellow competitors as well. and we had a blast for real!

the winner: he's a very smooth guy by name of Billy Jones. his style leans a bit toward soul or r&b but is definitely well played blues. he's toured europe so i wonder if any of our european roomies have heard of him? a very gracious man as well, had nothing but nice things to say to Jo and me. we look forward to meeting up with him along the road of life at the next intersection.

and David Kimbrough Jr. as well. here is a real hill country blues artist, from the same cloth as his daddy Junior and RL Burnside. He did a set of hill country style that nobody could touch. i would not have been surprised if he had won. either of these guys can go far with their distinctive takes on old and new. he's another kindred spirit and new friend as well.

Bobby Mercy Oliver also did a set in the solo/duo category. going in we knew we had some real talent to compete with and Bobby was formidable as well. he has the best racked harp tone i ever heard and sings through his harp mic as well. accompanying himself on guitar, he's a great one man show. and as warm a man as you will ever meet!

Swamp Donkey, our friend Ben, did a fine set as well. we competed 2 years ago and he won in the Hot Springs competition. during our set at the one he graciously offered his guitar when Jo popped a string. then he sat in for 2 or 3 songs to get us through our set. a real good and kind and talented guy.

i'll do a bigger writeup before long, but that's the core of the solo/duo event.