Blues Weeknds Coming Up!

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Blues Weeknds Coming Up!

Postby jbone1 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:57 am

If you happen to be around Baton Rouge LA this weekend, come out to Zachary and stop in at Teddy's Juke Joint. Big Red and the Soul Benders are playing Saturday and Sunday nights, and they have a new harp player- ME!!
then the following weekend, we head for Clarksdale. Jolene and i take the stage at Tricia's on Yazoo friday night, and then saturday, Big Red and the Soul Benders is there, with me on harp!

we just had a car crisis, the war wagon developed a bad exhaust leak. took it in and was looking for maybe a $25 job. instead, a busted manifold ended up costing nearer to $500! but we got it done and we're travel ready.

i'm taking the bassman both weekends and the silvertones will go with us to cdale for friday night the 18th. Jo will have her guitars for the 18th also. i'm taking the lil video camera both weekends and hoping to get some good live footage of me with Red and also of Jo and me.

so think good thoughts for us! and if you're nearby, do stop in and say hey!
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