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Re: skip james piano pieces

Postby allanlummox » Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:31 pm

Born in '62, just after their biggest popularity. As I say, early Rock and Roll and R&B was the stuff my parents courted to.

The music I loved best on the Radio as a kid was Motown. I really did think the Beatles were "meh".
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Re: skip james piano pieces

Postby hooverhasit » Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:42 am

allanlummox wrote:Oh hell - now I'm on a tear. Here's one of my favorite songs, sung by it's creator, the great Amos Milburn.

Another of my all time favorite songs, here's Eddie Boyd singing "Five long years"

allanlummox..what great examples. being a piano player i am surprised that anyone does not "get" the blues in piano playing(also the hammond b3 organ, what a blues wail it has).
i have to site brother ray as a prime example of what blues is all about. not withstanding his pop,country and soul contributions, ray remained at heart a blues artist. most of the known world equates ray as the leading proponent of that genre, no matter what he did in other genres. here is one of the most beautiful, little known tunes he did. he used an eerie instrument the celeste along with his piano to add an eerie quality. this is baby let me hold your hand...a great version is also out there by mose allison.this tune always brings tears to my eyes.
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