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Harmonica: tab sites

PostPosted: Sun Mar 23, 2003 5:07 pm
by yasn
If you know where other Harp Players can find nice tabs, please post messages here.

(Copy of one of my today's posts)

You can find some nice harp tabs at

This site is in polish. You can find there tabs to intros from Sonny Terry's:

Children, Go Where I Send Thee (intro)
.mp3 (129k)

What a Beautiful City (intro)
.mp3 (126k)

Mean Woman Blues (intro)
.mp3 (371k)

You Can't Hide (intro)
.mp3 (161k)

.tab file is a text file.

As you can see mp3's containing tabbed pieces can also be downloaded.
And - by the way - there are more interesting tabs there - just enter and then click on "NAGRANIA" (which means records) in the menu. You

To make reading this tabs easier -
single number f.ex. 5 = blow
number in brackets (5) = draw
~ under number - bend


And there is another special present for Harp Players:

80 tabs - "The Beatles" songs: ... /index.htm

268 rock tabs:


I am proud to bring to You link to harmonica songbook (it is partially in Polish and partially in Engilsh):
(piosenki = songs)

and to the second one (not completed):

I believe that after learning all these songs you'll be happy owner of glowin-in-the-dark-weared-off harp.


RE: Harmonica: tab sites

PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 7:55 pm
by michaelc
hi, your first bunch of tabs are great but for some reason i cant access the last few sites u posted, any idea why?