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Anyone tried one of these Bushman Torpedos?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:28 pm
by blues devil
Have noticed these mics at very reasonable prices on ebay. Anyone of you harp dudes got any thoughts on these? I currently have an original blues blaster, a customised bullet mic with a vintage JT-30 crystal element and a modern green bullet (sorry to all the purists I quite like it!). My JT-30 isn't very well at the moment so may be looking to a new purchase.

Re: Anyone tried one of these Bushman Torpedos?

PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:59 am
by jbone1
i have a torpedo. and i got a decent deal on it new from bushman. here's the thing: this is not a high-z mic. it's low-z, it'll go into a solid state amp or p.a. with no fooling around, but i doubt it would sound good with a low to high z adapter or transformer. unless you plan to process your sound with effects and pedals etc, you may want to consider getting a new element for your currently sick mic.

the shell of the torpedo has one intriguing feature, that's the vents along the sides of the shell. supposedly this allows more hand effects but i personally have not discovered anything earth-shakingly original about the vents. i have not spent a lot of time using the mic but have had it out to a jam 3 or 4 times and played through the p.a. with it. it IS more comfortable for me to hold with a harp than an sm57 or sm58, but the element is fairly similar. it did come with a small clamp that screws onto a mic stand which is a decent idea too.

greg heumann at blowsmeawaydotcom suggested that i keep the shell, swap to a high-z element like a cm or crystal, and change the connector to a screw-on type. maybe add a volume control. he does some great things to mics of many different flavors and also builds very nice bullet shells. but currently my torpedo is on the shelf, since my work hours have been cut!

when i can afford to, i think i may go with a compact 1/4" female jack in place of the xlr connector and swap to a cm element and a vol pot. i do like the light weight of the shell and it looks good from the builder, decent chrome and all.

there's my 2 cents!