Roland Cube 60 for Harp

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Roland Cube 60 for Harp

Postby jeffl » Mon Sep 29, 2008 3:15 pm

I spent a few hours yesterday listening to one of my favorite blues players in Minnesota ( Pat Hayes from the Lamont Cranston Band); he plays a Tele and blows thru a stick mic into a Cube 60, mic'ed into the mains. He'd play guitar for a while, then he'd unplug the Tele and re-set the Cube for harp and plug back in with the mic. He got good sounds out of it, with no feedback issues. I didn't ask him if he'd modded it at all. It sure was a nice blues fix for the day though. 3 other bands performed as well. The last band was a 3-piece blues power trio...the guitarist could play anything, but lacked dynamics and soul,imo. It might've jus' been that he wasn't used to playin' fest sets, where you gotta hit the ground runnin' , without a "warmup" set.
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