Harp Strap

The lowdown on the Mississippi Sax. Just for Google, this section is about harmonicas.

Harp Strap

Postby Old Stella » Sun Jul 27, 2008 10:05 pm

Anybody seen a guitar strap that holds harmonicas too? I want to buy one or make one.
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Old Stella
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Re: Harp Strap

Postby harpdude » Mon Jul 28, 2008 4:12 am

Hey there Old Stella, here's a link to one:

http://www.buckeyeleather.com/index1.ht ... cts.html&1

then click on the "Buckeye Leather Harmonica Players Guitar Strap" link on the lower right side of the page. Looks to be a very well made strap.
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Re: Harp Strap

Postby bottleneck » Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:00 pm

that buckeye strap is nice,but i play a few different guitars.i was thinking of getting one of the beltloop cases from http://www.cumberlandcases.com
to put on different straps as the need arose.

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Re: Harp Strap

Postby too2tall » Mon Aug 11, 2008 6:39 am

I got mine from http://www.harpdepot.com and its great. The best thing about it is the cost. I think I paid 45 dollars. I had to widen the hole on one end a little but big deal for that price it was worth it and the leather is good quality.
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Re: Harp Strap

Postby 601blues » Mon Aug 11, 2008 9:40 am

I got this one from Harp Depot
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