Epi 5-watt Valve Special Closeouts

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Epi 5-watt Valve Special Closeouts

Postby jeffl » Mon May 12, 2008 3:16 pm

Alotta you guys have played through Valve Juniors and the head & cab version of these, but if you like 5-watt harp amps and you haven't tried a Valve Special, you may find 'em on "Discontinued" closeout deals right now. This little tube + DSP amp is a great small harp amp with lots of low end response, which many 5-watters don't have. I've used one for house and jammin' for about a year and it's one of the best sounding harp amps I've ever owned, albeit low-powered. I NEVER use the effects on it, choosing to just loop my analog delay pedal into it, so if you test drive one, just EQ it for blues harp ( bass dimed, mids and treble down to zip). Apparently, they're discontinuing this amp and the price might be right. One disclaimer: the thing that gives this amp its great low-end is the big cabinet; it's actually one inch deeper and slightly wider than my Peavey Classic 30...seriously.... which kills the portability compared to the "tuck it under your arm" capability of the Champs, juniors, supros, etc.
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