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Jam to CD's

Postby flatpaul » Wed Jul 04, 2007 5:04 am

I jam to the of CD's and vinyl that I have in whatever key sounds best from the selection of harps that I have. I learn new techniques like this but I get stuck not knowing what key to go for.

Do you guys have any CD recommendations along with song keys? It would really help me a lot as I don't have a natural ear for music.

Once again, thanks!

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Postby t bone bruce » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:54 am

there's a few ways round this:
1)Around 90% of blues harp is in second position, so check how the 2 draw and 4 draw sound with the music. Most blues will be in A, C, D, E or G, with A and E most popular. Occasionally you will get guys playing in F (Bb harp) -SBWII and Slim Harpo liked F a lot.
You will get an ear for when it sounds right, but some recordings the pitch doesn't quite match- the recording speed was off, and you never find a harp that works....
You also will get an ear for when 3rd position is being played.

2) go to http://www.harmonicamasterclass.com/artist_listing.htm
where you can look up the artist and album, and someone has kindly worked out the key of the song and the harp for a lot of major blues harp players

Hope this helps

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