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Postby jeffl » Mon Jun 11, 2007 1:55 pm

Bournio wrote:Can you take some pictures of the Harp horn?
Wonder why it's not been done before! could you record the same lick twice? acoustically just with a condenser mic near-ish, once with the horn and once without so we can hear the difference?
I'll try to get you some pics from home. I'm sure it has been done before, especially since BBQBob mentioned a coupla guys earlier in this thread. I designed it primarily as an acoustic tool, but also to be used to play acoustically into a stand mounted vocal mic. The theory is that bouncing the sound waves off of glass instead of just flesh will give the tones more definition. It's the same concept as playin' in concrete stairwells, or tiled get a little more reverberation. The tonal difference is not night and day: I've never been a big fan of using effects with harp that make a "night/day" difference. I use small amounts of delay or reverb when I use 'em, and rely on gain to get amplified tonal difference. I tested the thing on the ears of my jammin' bandmates, and it works. It's pretty close to hour-glass shaped, with the openings on both ends now being the same width, at about 2 & 3/4 inches. I've decided that the end you grip needs to be just about a quarter to half an inch smaller, to more approximate the size of a bullet mic, in order to not feel any differently than cuppin' a mic. It's not a huge improvement: it's just a neat little gimmick. Alotta guys I get around are not used to playin' with harpers who know what they're doin' (there just aren't nearly as many harpers as there are guitarists), so they get a kick out of the things I do. It's not a big deal.
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