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The lowdown on the Mississippi Sax. Just for Google, this section is about harmonicas.

Postby allanlummox » Thu Jan 18, 2007 6:40 am

I am a REAL chickenshit with a Harmonica.

Every once in a while, I bring 'em out at a session - after I know what keys the band knows.

And when I'm playing my solo acoustic stuff, I'll do a set playing "rack" once in a while - particularly when it's gonna be a LONG time playing.

Then, my favorite harp is a bigass Suz " Humming" tremo in C - king of the unplugged market square.

If I can get anyones attention with that, I start playing " Cross Harp Diatonic - Racked" for as long as I can hear nickels clinking.

MM, not so much in Portland, with snow on the ground.

This is one old dog has to roll over.
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Postby steel1953 » Sat Jan 20, 2007 6:19 am

Hey Dan, where can I buy one of those happy clams posters......it's cool...I'd frame it and hang it here at home.
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