Vintage SS project

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Vintage SS project

Postby thebluesbox » Thu Nov 30, 2006 12:23 am

Just a heads up on my next project, I know we talked about SS amps in another topic but this is after I got it in and tested it.

Im putting together a 1x10 vintage solid state chassis, vanilla blonde cab, cane grill cloth, loaded with a 10' eminence legend alnico speaker. I got the chassis in today I was waiting to test it to see if it was installation worthy and I have to say my few minute quick lunch break test I was very impressed with the sound of the amp chassis. If I hadnt seen the amp I wouldnt have belived it wasnt a tube amp by just hearing it, sweet and gritty as can be and acted just like a tube amp the more I cranked the more break up it had. Its got that tweed champ bite with mellow harmony or gibson tone at different volume levels.

As previous projects the cab and speaker are new the chassis is use vintage gear. I have to build the cab, cover it and all that good stuff, then install the chassis.
When I get it all together and ready for the selling floor I'll post a note on the details/pics/sound samples etc.
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