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your band

Postby Erikjr21 » Sat Oct 07, 2006 6:51 am

how did you meet your band just want to hear the story
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Postby allanlummox » Sat Oct 07, 2006 8:00 pm

My first band, many many years ago, was an outgrowth of a Duo - Shakey Lyman and myself had started gigging around and decided that we'd get more work with a back line. So we formed "The Boogiemen".

We advertised for a Drummer, and grabbed a guy we knew who LOOKED like a Bassist, convinced
him to buy a Bass, and taught him how to play, more or less.

Gigged with that lineup for a couple of years, and then Shakey and I came to the realization that we were constantly deulling over who was the Frontman - I took off and wound up forming another band, "The Hired Guns Blues band", with cats I met at a rather competitive Blues Jam at a bar in North Philly - the session was hosted by the great Sonny Rhodes, so the level of play was pretty high. The 'Guns lasted a few years, and then I took off for England, where I went into Solo mode. I've thrown together a "Dan Lange Band" several times since, but - as a solo act, I only have to worry about one guy showing up on time, sober.
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Postby jeffl » Sat Oct 07, 2006 8:13 pm

The band I wuz in last year was losin' their harper; he was a young doctor,leaving for a residency in Alabama. His fiance's mom is one of my wife's best friends, and she told me they were gonna need a harper. I practiced with 'em for 6 months before their harper left, and dropped right into the spot. Overall though, I've tended to be in bands with close friends for the most part. One good band in high school was a buncha older guys who one of my best friends played bass for, and one of their trumpet players was an addict who needed to be replaced, and I got a call on the spot when he missed a rehearsal again, and stepped right in. I had to quit them when they went on tour and my mom wouldn't let me go with them.
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Postby oleman » Fri Oct 20, 2006 6:43 pm

I was playing on the street reso/harp, and a guy/singer asked if Iwould back him up.
He decided that I should buy a bass fiddle and learn to play that as he was gonna take over the guitar playing duties. I put the harp in a rack and thump along on doghouse, sing a little harmony. Switching to Upright was the greatest thing musically that I have ever done. Usually a duo, but we have a lead guitar and drummer for when the venue calls for a combo.

Im happy to report, the Blues is alive and well in the American Southwest.
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