Distortion Boxes with Mikes

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Distortion Boxes with Mikes

Postby brass finger » Mon Sep 04, 2006 3:16 am


I saw this guy not long ago, he was great..sort of a "name".. although his cd's aren't real good.
But live he could really cook.
He had his shure mike plugged into a distortion box, then into a couple of other boxes, just subtle delays for room sound, and then into vintage fender bandmaster.

I thought that was kind of weird..(the distortion box) not the best bluesy harp sound, but still pretty cool, like a jet was in the room or something.
I liked it because I like really loud music.

But I wondered, is this really blues..??
And if I ask this question, it will lead into all sorts of things, like is John Fahey blues, is Taj Mahal blues, ect.ect.

I mentioned this to a guy who said it was just a way of using "new" technology, like elmore james did, building a bridge from old to new.
He says the "new blues" started up with Vaughn.
I always considered Vaughn a blues based rocker, but not blues.
Now I sort of think of Vaughn as blues, but only because I think I've been told enough that Vaughn is blues.
I think I've simply been brainwashed to think a certain way over the years.

I have to remember what it was like to hear him back in the days when I everyone knew that he was a rock guy, with more or less the same kind press that Robin Trower had a decade or so earlier, everyone knew Trower was a rock guy, and before that..Alvin Lee..ect.

To get it clear in my own head I have to remember what it was like to watch Junior Wells and Buddy Guy open for ZZtop in 1975.

With Well's band, I remember the ragtag drumset the drummer used, colored and fading clothes, sparse amps instead of stacks that said "Rio Grande".

I hated it then, watching Wells because i was 15, and I couldn't wait for ZZ top.

But Wells was definitely not rock, and ZZ top were not blues.
There was a clear distinction.

What do you think, about passing the mike through fuzz tones and about new blues in general?
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Postby dblues » Fri Sep 08, 2006 4:30 am

The tones are fuzzy and so seem the lines of distinction of what is and what is not Blues :D
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Postby angerboy » Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:38 am

Just name of the player. I know Blues, when I hear it.

Isn't any sort of pedal really just a distortion box? It's altering the signal. If you wanted an undistorted sound, you would plug a really clean microphone straight into a PA. Even then, the microphone will probably distort a little.

Junior Wells was definitely a blues player.
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