Some different gear.

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Some different gear.

Postby luke » Thu Aug 03, 2006 8:45 am

Hi folks,

as i am new hear thought i would let you know the gear i use here in

These days i play in an acoustic duo so don't get to play in the amplifed style.
When i get the chance i use an Australian amp called a Goldentone.
these where made in Melbourne in the 60's.Mine is a Goldentone Bassmaster 20 made in 1964.It's 20 watts best sound ive ever had with this old amp.
As for mic's i often use a AKG 310s it is basically a instrument or vocal mic
from i think 70's it's small head sits in my hand real nice and sounds good to my tastes.
The other i use is a Sennheiser MD21 these are an old broadcasters mic
fist made in 1954.Great mic for anything really but excellent harp mike.
I left a review on harmony central for this mic you see them around in UK, Germany etc on ebay going for about $100-150 AUS .Trust me they are a bargin and you won't be disapionted.I had a Green Bullit many moons ago this mic leaves it for dead, my be its the amp.
I also on the odd gig bring along a studio progects VTB1 mic pre.I use it on some of the more up beat tunes we do.
It just adds a little extra to the duo's sound,and to be honest run into the PA it is very good hot harp at a low volume.And saves lugging an amp along.
Cheers for now Luke.
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