Mark Sallings

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Mark Sallings

Postby jaysblues » Wed Aug 02, 2006 1:16 pm

This was a cut and past from another site. Consider that this man is a fellow musician and needs your help. It's amazing that so few people have come to this Harp players aid. This is a simple thing to do. If you go to the links there are items (Harmonica related) that you can bid on, including one of Mark's CDs and a 24 ct gold plated Golden Melody. If you don't want to spend $15 or $20 or more on an auction item consider helping this brother out with a small donation. Even $5 or $10 would help pay for his child's hospital care and medication or gas to travel to and from the hospital. Thanks guys and gals.
This is an auction site and there are other Musician's items besides this fundraiser.


I would
consider Mark Sallings as one of the very best Blues Harmonica players ever to perform music on this planet. Mark and his wife Sandi are in desperate need of your prayers, emails and donations to help out their son, Mark Jr. who is in critical condition in the Springfield, MO. Hospital from a horrible car accident. They really need your help. They need medical expenses to be paid; food to buy; gas for their car; etc. just like you. Please come to their aide and help the Sallings family.

Thank you, and may God Bless you.

Tulsa Read,

Director of the Kansas City Metro Harmonica Society & Harmonica On

Item and Monetary Donations

We have an online payment processor setup for any of you to send
donations to Mark and his family.

You can view more details at the following link:

We also have an online auction in aid of Mark and his family.
If you would like to view the current listings then please click on
the link below:

Thank you for your time.

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