Holmes Harp Commander

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Holmes Harp Commander

Postby Cincinnati Slim » Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:22 am

Anyone have any experience with this piece of equipment? It looks like a good way to play directly into the PA as well as get tone from a crappy amp.



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Re: Holmes Harp Commander

Postby jeffl » Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:31 pm

I've got the first generation model, the Commander I. I thought I'd use it more than I have. I used it a coupla times & thought it was OK. I have no beefs with it, but I intended to use it for those nights when I sit in with bands after their night has already started... to make it easier to walk up and plug in without hauling amps or effect boxes. However, I found out that playin' straight into 58s eq'd for voice got the same results outa the audience without messin' with bringin' any gear at all. I know that's heresy for all the purists & gear freaks out there, but that's my story. I started out playin' amplified that way in the early 70's, and I drew on the skills I developed back then. I haven't sold the box yet 'cuz it's a singular tool and I may use it more some day down the road.

When you sit in with bands around here, you're playin' to hard drinkin' people who aren't real discerning at that point-- as long as you got passable chops and the playlist is good.

I'd own a Commander for the purpose its intended for, but it's not a '59 Bassman.
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