Crate 5-watt Tube Amp for harp

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Crate 5-watt Tube Amp for harp

Postby jeffl » Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:45 pm

Several years ago I sold my silverface Champ and bought an Epiphone 5-watt Valve Special to replace it. The Epi runs circles around the ol' Silverface in terms of features and overall performance-- especially bottom end response. BUT, the little Champs are super portable for rehearsals and jams. I've always lamented the loss of an amp that you can tuck under your arm when haulin' stuff in & out of some basement. The Crate 5 tube is a pretty dang good replacement for a Champ, at $99.00 (U.S.). I played through one today at my music store, jus' to soothe my curiousity. The little thing sounds pretty good, and has less tinniness than the Champ imo. The controls are jus' tone and volume (the tone controls on a Silverface are useless) , and they're both pretty efficient, producing noticeable change as you move the knobs. If you turn the volume to 2 0'clock it'll break up real nice. If you want to feed a little cut into it, you can bounce the tone knob up off the bottom a little. If you need a cheap amp that doesn't look or sound cheap for playing harp, I'd check it out. And, it's small. Hell, it might even be a decent guitar amp.
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