Bass or Chord For Next Step?

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Bass or Chord For Next Step?

Postby MakaInOz » Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:33 am

Hi All, after some advice.

I do a lot of playing in an ensemble - mainly blues with a bit of old time stuff. There are usually six of us – all play diatonic and three (not me) play chromatic as well. We play in different octaves, take lines as solos, play the high and low end of chords separately, play bass chug lines etc so as not to sound like a room full of bees all trying to play the same note at the same time.

I’ve got the opportunity to get either a chord or a bass as a gift from the domestic management. They’re only cheap Chinese (Swan), but I'm interested in what they might add to the 'show'. The Bass is in C - Two Octave 29 Hole - and according to the specifications it is a double-deck instrument where the lower unit plays natural notes in key C (contra C to small C) and the upper unit plays natural notes in key #C (contra #C to great #A). The Chord 192 hole 48 Note (192 holes among each 2 rows of top and bottom combs create the 48 chords) with Major and 7th chords arranged on the upper row, and Minor, Diminished and Augmented chords are arranged on the lower row.

Both are about the same price and both would add interest to the ensemble. I’ve got no idea which is the better buy or which would be the most useful (or the easiest to learn). I lean toward the Bass as I use my Low F a lot to play bass lines. But the Chord would be really interesting for rhythm.
Any suggestions?
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