Third Position is my Friend

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Third Position is my Friend

Postby jbone1 » Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:07 pm

i have recently delved much more deeply into third position on a few stages. usually blues, country, maybe a little rock material. with stage volume set where i can hear and be heard, i have been facing a dilemma lately of which position to use. for years i was second position only, in recent years i began using third on particular songs and grooves where i knew it sounded right. lately, i have found myself picking up the third pos. harp on a lot more songs and at least trying it out.

last evening i was on stage with some guys i've known for a few years, some of whom run a local jam. this was a big picnic jam at someone's house. we all pretty much got off the chain and just cut loose. last guy i got up with i almost never get to jam with and we totally meshed on some stuff. it was third pos all the way for me, and we 'bout took the roof off the place. crowd loved it too!

third position usually means that if one plays it right, the whole 20 notes are available in a given song, top to bottom, even without bends. i do a combination of tb and pucker in my style of playing and this has also opened up some great possibilities.

just wanted to mention a really incredible method to expand your horizons harp-wise, in case you never tried it or have set it aside. it's definitely worth working at, the rewards are HUGE imho.
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Re: Third Position is my Friend

Postby bottleneck » Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:56 pm

the nice thing about third is it has that mixolydian thing going,making it neither truly major nor minor,yet a little of each.

it is funny how the older i get,the more i like third position.
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