Just Intonation Tuning for Harmonicas - by Richard Sleigh

The lowdown on the Mississippi Sax. Just for Google, this section is about harmonicas.

Just Intonation Tuning for Harmonicas - by Richard Sleigh

Postby harmonicatunes » Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:58 pm

Harmonica players often note that chords sound particularly good on some harmonicas, less so on others. Just intonation tuning is the likely reason. Master harmonica customiser Richard Sleigh has kindly donated an article on this topic, which I've posted.

"What is Just Intonation?

I know how to tune a harmonica. That is easy for me. Understanding what I am doing and explaining it to someone else is a totally different thing.

There is something about this subject that makes me a little bit crazy. I keep wanting nice, simple answers to my questions and I keep getting long, complicated answers full of strange words and numbers. Many of the dictionary definitions for the words used to describe sound vibrations or tuning systems are incomplete or misleading.

This article focuses on the main words and ideas that you need to know to understand Just intonation and Equal Temperament..."

The remainder of the article is at

http://www.harmonicatunes.com/justinton ... harmonicas
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