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Pawn Shop Bass

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 4:39 am
by The Saint
I feel pretty about the buy I made this afternoon. I found a Ibanez SR300DX in real good shape at the third pawnshop, I visited today. I had found a couple of under $100 basses mostly Broncos and a OK Peavy Milliniem that had some green dayglo paint on the pickguard in the $90 range. At the third place I found the black SR. With just a minor ding on the back and the strings were corroded, but still playable. They didn't have a bass amp, so we connected to a guitar amp and kept it low. I tested every knob and they were noiseless. There was no buzzing. I looks like this thing had been in a closet for a while without a case. $93 tax included. I put it on the tuner as soon as I walked in the door, then played a while through a Digitech guitar modeler, then a little through a 10 watt Marshall guitar amp.
Now I'm looking for a bass amp.

Re: Pawn Shop Bass

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:21 pm
by bigdaddy
Right on with your find. Where are you living? A bass for under $90? Last time I went looking thru pawn shops here in Utah they were asking more or as much for their used guitars than what I could buy new. I'm not kidding. I told this one pawn shop dude that I could get the same guitar thru Muscians Friend for the same price and he told me "then that's where you should buy it!" These places were not even willing to talk price. These were some pretty whacked guitar and basses also. I was dismayed for sure. I like finding "steals" that I can take home and recondition and then give away to my friends kids but the pawn shop isn't where I look for them any more.
Also, I noticed that Musicians Friend is offering my MIM Fender P-bass now for $499.99. That's quite a jump in price. I paid $299.00 about two years ago but it was on sale/clearance when I got it thru a Guitar Center. $500.00 bucks for a P-bass, it truly is the end of times.

Re: Pawn Shop Bass

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:33 pm
by The Saint
That's usually the case on pricing here on most of the things I've looked at at pawn shops. Tools are priced the same as new. I can't figure it. There was a Harmony acoustic with a broken nut and most of the strings missing. I didn't look further sine the listed it as a project guitar. The price was $40. I would have been interested if the bass wasn't the priority. The other sub $100 basses were used and abused in some way. I think the area of town has a lot to do with the pricing. And they do not like to barter.
One place has a 10% off on the guitars. So I could get that Peavy Mill for $80.