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Postby bigdaddy » Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:57 pm

We played the club up in Idaho again last weekend. That place is fun. After Saturday nights show a young man came up to me and started asking about my amp and stuff. He said I was punching him with notes clear to the back of the room. He had never heard any other bassist doing that there. He turned out to be the the bassists for the house band. I showed him my Fender amp and he was surprised to find I was on about 4 on both volumes, input and master. I went in to explaining how I customized my bass to go low and that I had to get the eq box to bring out the guitars full potential. What he was hearing or being "punched" by was the clarity of the notes.
Now the sad part. He told me he plays a 62' Fender Precision his grandmother gave him and she had bought it new. It sat in the closet for many years. He said the volume pot crapped on him so he bought all new electronics and turned it into an "active" bass. I was sad to hear that. Myself, I would of restored the beauty and went out and bought me an active bass.
I like it when bass players come up and talk with me regardless if their comments are good or bad. It strokes the ego when it's good.
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Postby oleman » Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:59 am

Since I switched to doghouse, I now spend most of my packin up time talking to bass players that are thinking
about adding an upright bass to their gear. You can now buy a fairly nice upright for price of a good slab. Sometimes
though I just don't feel like playing the upright in a tight stage situation so I play a very cheap Rogue fretless acoustic/electric with a sansamp DI and get a good imitation of the upright. That rig gets a fair amount of attention
from other bass players too. I never new how good I could sound until I started using the eq box.

I owe fatpaul a great big "thank you" for that advice about the sansamp. I haven't seen fatpaul around the boards lately;
He must be busy with one of the greatest blues/r&b bands in the southwest "Brother E and the Blue Rhythm Kings"
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