Buskin' with the bass

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Buskin' with the bass

Postby bigdaddy » Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:48 pm

I got a Pignose Hog 30 today, still gotta charge it up. I bought it for my buskin' that I do thru the summer. I ain't much good on the guitar but I can jam that bass. It's my desire to go back out there every third weekend, the band is off every third weekend, and plug in and bass the place. I asked a woman who plays blues guitar if she'd like to join, she has a killer voice for blues. She said to call her and see if her band is off. I know I can only rely on me and that's cool. Anybody busked with just the bass? I think I can entertain enough with it and all the money goes to our local mission food kitchen. When I did it with an open G Strat I came up with some song material, I think doin' just the bass will help me to create more with the bass. I'm excited about it. Some peoples started an organized busking thing here in my town. They had auditions and every thing. I didn't go. They are doing Friday night (my old night) so I'll do Saturday. I just can't be told I can play tonight but not tomorrow. Organized busking sounds strange. I know places do it but not in my little town. I know all the cops here and they leave me alone. I don't get to loud.
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Re: Buskin' with the bass

Postby oleman » Thu Jun 05, 2008 9:05 pm

Not really true buskin, but I showed up real early to a coffee house gig and just started playin my doghouse on the sidewalk out front. Had about 10 folks interested in watching and listening to me walk the dog. No one offered me any money. But when one of the guitarist show up and we played together; we made enough to buy a couple of beers in about 15min.

Sometimes on weekends I play slide blues outside the same coffee house and do pretty good. A fiddler plays on this spot during the week and usually makes about 25.oo in a morning.

I would be interested in how you do with just your bass. Good luck!!!
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Re: Buskin' with the bass

Postby mike932 » Sat Jun 07, 2008 1:40 am

Hey Bigdaddy
How do you like your Pignose 30? I really like mine, not much for vibrating chests but does a pretty good job for its size. I also play harp through mine, works pretty good. I don't care too much for the funk switch on Bass.
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