don't do that!

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don't do that!

Postby watertore » Tue May 19, 2009 12:34 am

Hi All: I recorded these 4 this afternoon. I have moved my guitar amp away from right next to my drums and put it in the main basement room which is about 800 sq feet of concrete floors and walls and wood ceiling. I moved the mic about 18 inches off the speaker and use the figure 8 pickup switch on a AKC C414 TLII Condensor. I also cranked it up a bit more because I have a door between it and my studio. There still is a bit of bleeding onto the vocals. I also moved my Universal AUdio Solo 610 preamp to it and am using a Michael Joly OKtava premium mod'd MK 219 through a vintage altec lansing 1592A preamp on the vocals. Anyway, here they are:

don't do that
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