so you want to make it in the music business?

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so you want to make it in the music business?

Postby watertore » Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:53 pm

HI All: I added some more songs to the soundclick site. I have about 11 days left on the free use of the universal audio neve 1081 eq plug in. After that, I can demo the neve 1073 for 14 days, and then the pultec pro eq for 14 days. That give me about 38 days more of free stuff. Hopefully by then I will have sold my deluxe reverb and a couple electroharmonix 12AY7 mic pre amps. That will give me plenty of dough to buy some of these plugins. They really are amazing. I am just getting my feet wet and can't wait to I figure them out more. Walter

so you want to make it in the music business?
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also added some christmas songs at the player on the bottom of the myspace page ... d=71994638
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