The Delta Take 1

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The Delta Take 1

Postby Derekslide » Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:47 pm

Here is the song I've wrote a while back.

Tell what you guys and gals think be honest, but don't be rude ok?
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Re: The Delta Take 1

Postby musicalcarrion » Tue Jul 08, 2008 12:23 am

Derekslide wrote:Tell what you guys and gals think be honest, but don't be rude ok?

I have a bunch of works in progress up here:

If I come across as rude, you've got plenty of ammunition there to be rude right back. :-)

I don't know much about you or your style, but I'd aim for a bit more structure if it was me. Not necessarily following the standard 12-bar shuffle or whatever, but I prefer to have some kind of regular beat that you can tap to (feel free to mess around with the rhythm on top of that beat though) and I like to base my stuff on a pretty short set of chords in a progression (but like to mess around with notes outside those chords where appropriate). I notice that you touch on a variation of the 12-bar I-IV-V progression there too, so you've got that covered.

Be more confident in the notes you strike. You've written that track with each note deliberately where it is, so you don't need to answer to anyone and don't need to be shy about what you're playing.

It also sounds like you're playing in standard tuning. That works, but is generally more difficult because it requires pretty strict muting. I'd try another tuning such as G (which may be the key you're playing in anyway) or D. I've put some vague tips up here, in case you can find anything that helps you at all:

Most importantly, keep it up. It takes balls to perform in public (even on YouTube) -- especially when it's your own stuff. As long as you keep learning and use these opportunities to really learn things, you can't go wrong and you're not hurting yourself or anybody else.

That's all just my 2c worth. Don't treat it as gospel -- I'm still just learning myself and have been for 16 years. Hope it didn't come across as rude.
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