new recording gear, used it a few minutes and here we go.

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new recording gear, used it a few minutes and here we go.

Postby watertore » Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:38 pm

Hi All: I bought 2 used Universal Audio UAD-1 plug in cards. They came with some cool software that would cost 10's of thousands of dollars for the actual hardware. It took a few days to figure out to get them loaded to my computer, but finally tenacity won out :D Anyway, tonight I got actually use them. Here is my first attempt at using some of the plug ins-I spent about 20 minutes mixing this one, probably the longest mix of my life. I have always dreamed of owning some UA gear, but it just costs too much. These things really opened up my ears! ONe of the many things I hear is the huge difference between the wave file and mp3 you will hear. I am also hearing more definition/seperation of things and warmth. At leat that is what I hear. Who knows what others will hear.

I got a cool plate reverb going on this song. Now I have to learn how to control these wild beasts at my fingertips. I have learned all this recording stuff using my ears. But the ears get tired of hearing oneself all the time. Any feedback on how it came out, suggestions for tuning it up more, is welcomed. Walter

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