Cakewalk music creator 3

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Cakewalk music creator 3

Postby 601blues » Fri Oct 05, 2007 5:12 pm

I picked up this software a couple weeks ago, just exploring the ideal of re quipin my studio into computer recording, I have a 40" hdtv flat screen in my studio and it nice to see the screen and be able by use of wireless mouse to control everything from anywhere in the studio, But Iam just learning it right now, and have found that I need more that just the program for multi channel recording, now I need a firewire interface to do multi channel, Any way Iam using a Tascam 12/24 so Iam not rushed to get the computer stuff going, Iam not married to cake walk if there is better and easier programs out there Iam just not up to date on em,
Ive found cakewalk a bit confusin,but have worked stuff out, your on your own with any problems, Can or has anyone got some info on the best way ta go??
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