rockin house party last saturday- new mixing ideas

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rockin house party last saturday- new mixing ideas

Postby watertore » Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:56 am

got my druummer Katherine Stevens, and bassist douglas mckenzie together sat night along with a dozen or so folks to cheer us on. Patti Sterling was suppose to be there too, but she got sick-big bummer.I decided to play around with more panning and compression on the final mixdown.

blues mighty deep
tweaking the harp
the secret of spontobeat
grapes have ruined my town
today will soon be a yesterday
swing me some bent swing
life can be mighty hard on you sometimes
sometimes life is sunny
life ain't what it use to be
trainwreck with my jazzmaster-crazy instrumental
tearin on the jazzmaster

I busted on string on my tokai 335 copy, and picked up my old trusty 63 jazzmaster (formerly lonie mack's and SRV). I forgot how much I love this guitar. I just got to get rid of that nasty buzz. Take care. Walter
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