NPR RPM COntest- Record a complete cd in a month

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NPR RPM COntest- Record a complete cd in a month

Postby watertore » Mon Feb 05, 2007 4:21 am

My wife heard this being advertised on her way home the day. You have to record an entire cd during the month of feburary. She told me to enter, so I did. I am going to record my songs for this month, and pick the best of the lot. If anyone wants to vote for a song, or songs, you can post it here. I will keep adding songs as I record them. Here are some from yesterday and today. This is fun! Walter

Trouble everywhere I go
I work with damaged young minds
blues so bad he had to die
moving again
another boy gone bad
got the whole house rockin
are you doing good work or just counting gold?
do you like your job?
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