Bournio/Mister Ian Rough recordings

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Bournio/Mister Ian Rough recordings

Postby Bournio » Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:37 am

I have a couple of rough recordings on (as an aside the increase on noise on Too much Alcohol is actually the toilet in the room next to me being flushed....)

And on an altogether more electronic note:

And I've just uploaded one of my most recent songs, along with another 2 I'm proud of of my myspace,

Into The Sun (Bournio/ Afro Celt Sound System) IMNOTAMI (an angry rant after being introduced "Mister Ian and his blues guitar" at a pub) and Where (my first song on Reason)

I know these won't be to everyone's(/anyone's...) taste, but I thought I'd drop these out there....
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