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another older bluesman is failing

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 1:45 am
by watertore
An older bluesman I played quite a bit with is having some health issues. He has lived his life from gig to gig and doesn't have hardly a dime to his name. thus he probably will go through a lot of painful hoops to get some help. This really saddens me. The last time we saw each other, about 14 years ago, he just kept shaking his head saying " I can't believe you are now a teacher. I should have done something to get ready for my old age." We had that conversation backstage, in a funky old dressing room, that was much like 1,000's of other ones around the world. He had his suit on, and got up to do his first set. There were maybe 50 people in the club. The lights were on him and he played. I watched for a set and drifted back over the gigs and times we had and that memeory spurred this song and the set I recorded tonight. Walter

Relax awhile
another old bluesman is failing
the black cat lounge austin texas
broken hearted blues
you gotta get old to find the blues groove
women that wiggle and jiggle

Re: another older bluesman is failing

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:54 pm
by jeffl
Sad deal Walter. It's a common story too. You captured it well. One of my buddies is goin' through a similar thing: lifetime bluesman; only about 50 years old; helluva guitar player and singer, but he's got a nerve impingement in his frettin' hand and no insurance to get it taken care of. He's flat broke and can't play to remedy the situation. Pretty sad. There was a benefit jam yesterday for another guy.. a great blues drummer from the Minneapolis area who had a heart attack about a month ago and doesn't have any insurance. There was a few good things about the union in the old days... before it all came crashin' down, at least in these parts. I haven't had a union card since 1975, and they were useless THEN.

Re: another older bluesman is failing

PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:22 pm
by watertore
Hi Bubba: I am sorry to hear about your friends. There is the musicmakers relief foundation that helps older blues players. Thanks on the song comment. This man mentored me in many ways and gave me lots of encouragement when I was playing with him. I bet if everyone who plays blues based music donated $100/year, these guys could be covered with health insurance. We owe them so much. Their dedication to a life of playing turned us all onto this music. Take care. Walter