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She's Not The Girl

PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:17 am
by Slacker G
Hmmmm, Too Soon to post another one?

A lot of you probably will find this too country, but it is country blues. As blue as it gets. I am posting it for those who really dig intricate interwoven guitar stuff.

This is song with a LOT of intricate interwoven guitar on the instrumentals. Ever hear two guitars making love? That's what the instrumental parts sound like. Concentrate on the rides. This is about as fun as it gets for me.
It begins with a couple of misdirections, then it sneaks in the back door. Lotsa tricky doodel de do's in this.

I should do the vocals over again with my $$$ Studio mike. I had it about a foot away from me, but used a $40.00 Nady SPC 25 mike instead because it was plugged in. I guess that tells you how much professionalism I apply to my vocals.

I hope some of you like it.