First Session for CD #2

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First Session for CD #2

Postby jbone1 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:57 pm

in just over 2 hours we'll be arriving at the studio to begin the first round of recording for cd # 2. i may have mentioned previously someplace, but i stumbled across a guy who has a home studio- with ANALOG equipment! this is where a real and warm tone can come in, at the very beginning.

we are taking our amps in this time, unlike last time where we went in a did one "quick and dirty" session and based the cd on that. this go-round we're going to use the amps where needed on particular songs we've written, and also we may have a guest or 2 or 3 come in and drop a track with us after we get a kind of base line of what we want.

we've worked up some pretty cool stuff if i do say so, and i'm very excited to have this chance to go in and make something of it all. we're planning 10 to 12 songs this time.

for both of us, our musical chops as individuals and as a duo have improved greatly in the 2+ years since our first cd and i expect that this cd will reflect the hard work and absolute joy we have brought to the music.

stay tuned for updates.....
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