Headline: Stella Beat Up National (Score 1-0)

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Headline: Stella Beat Up National (Score 1-0)

Postby bluezguy » Wed Oct 19, 2005 5:53 pm


Anything I say could be held against me so I won't say anything, I'll just yammer...sorta like a 'hammer on'...let me just yammer on :+ .

It's amazing isn't it?

Part of your arsenal consists of a 'custom-made-for-me' National Tricone and a beater 40 year old Stella that you paid $20 bucks for at a pawnbroker a few doors down from Gruhn's in Nashville.
You pull out the National and spend maybe 20-30 hours trying to track a freshly penned tune...something about that expensive tone just not meshin' with the feel of the mood...but you don't know for sure! How can that be??? Why, I can lift 550 lbs over my head and still nobody likes me...

You've drank, you've smoked, you've choked the chicken, you've done everything you should have done to have been able to print a hot slide performance. You FAILED.

Ticked off, I took a day off.

That night, for no reason at all, I picked up Stella who happened to be in the same tuning as the tricone. The strings had'nt been changed in about 4 months and were dull and full of metal cooties.
Automatically, I played my new song on her...after I cleaned up the mess in my pants, I quickly ran to Sonar and laid 'er down.

It worked! Mission accomplished! :P

The first song to my upcoming CD of original works is almost 100%. You can hear it at:

I guess my ramblin' is for any of you new guys out their who get frustrated and conned by marketing and endorsements. You're told that you need the very best of quality in material musical possessions. It ain't true...
Playin' from the heart with whatever ya got is all you need and all that matters.
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RE: Headline: Stella Beat Up National (Score

Postby bow » Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:53 am

Hot Damn that is a fine tune.

Nice work man.

That tone is great.

The song is very cool.

Nice Slide playing too.

I enjoyed that.
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RE: Headline: Stella Beat Up National (Score

Postby nizer » Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:22 pm

Oh yeah I hear ya! That's Blues with a FEELING. Nice one Jake. STELLAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
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RE: Headline: Stella Beat Up National (Score

Postby tricone john » Wed Nov 02, 2005 1:43 pm

HOT DOG, that is one hell of a debut track. Fabulous!
MORE Jake! That Stella sounds amazing. I've put it on my station, hopefully get you some plays.
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