Live at The Blue Heron Inn

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Live at The Blue Heron Inn

Postby watertore » Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:08 am

Last night, my friend Bruce drove many miles to run the recording board for a live recording at my regular saturday gig, at the blue heron inn, located in duncans mills, california. It was an unusually slow and quiet night. The club only holds about 30 people.. There were about 10 people there. This place is so cozy. People pull up chairs and really listen, dance and interact. This was really fun night for me. Douglas McKenzie is on the bass guitar, and I am on my 1 man band. Life is good! Walter

Here is some of the songs. These are from the final of the 3 tapes we used. there is still 84 minutes to mix. My head is a little spun, so I hope they sound ok I will be mixing the others tomorrow.

work with me tonight

cocaine is a bad friedn

Linda' mother was junkie

hangin at the blue heron

the time the homeless cry

chuck berry on my mind

saying goodnight and goodbye

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