two country-blues type songs

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two country-blues type songs

Postby shaw » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:33 pm


Been working the past couple of weeks on getting more syncopated bass notes into my playing, and it's pretty hard. Playing slowly goes ok, but anything quicker is going to takes loads more work. Any advice, by the way, from people who do that "slip bass" / "stumbling bass" style (when there's more than four bass notes per measure)? I love trying to practice it, because I love that sound, but I admit it's getting frustrating playing everything so slowly... Oh well, I'll keep on at it.

Here are a couple of slower ones I wrote to practice it. I sing in the one (and not too well), I found a lady who was kind enough to sing the other one for me ("Easy Macon").

Any advice on the bass (or about playing in general!) would be much appreciated! Tampa/Pensacola Blues Easy Macon
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