Christmas 2005

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Christmas 2005

Postby watertore » Tue Dec 06, 2005 4:37 am

I recorded, mixed, turned it to an mp3, and posted it on soundclick, in 15 minutes. I think that is a record for me. It is an electric 1 man band recording. I love to make up christmas songs. Happy holidays! Walter
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RE: Christmas 2005

Postby nizer » Tue Dec 06, 2005 9:12 pm

A Classic Walter!!!
".....I don't know why, but everybody wants ta sing"
...and you know I love that Jimmy Reed shuffle thing you and your band do so well.

Merry Christmas to YOU!
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RE: Christmas 2005

Postby cas » Wed Dec 07, 2005 3:09 am

Wonderful Walter! Very snappy-makes me tap my foot.


RE: Christmas 2005

Postby savage » Wed Dec 07, 2005 3:17 am

dunno why, but everytime i hear you sing walter, i picture you on a cloud in the sky floatin by as you play yer music. Guess its just a visual follow-through with my view on yer up-beat style, haha. Nice song man.
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