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Yes, yes, the crowd likes to hear the classics. But there are a lot of classics to choose from, and we could use a few new classics.

Also, remember that performance and interpretive skills can do a lot to signal an audience on how to "take" certain lyrics -- whether the violence, for example, is being endorsed or whether it is being condemned or whether it is being offered as a cautionary tale.

The great "punk" band from the L.A. scene, X, at one point stopped performing their great song "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline," which was an indictment of date rape, because too many of the predominantly young male audience were taking it as a celebration of the behavior. In a sense, by withdrawing the song, they were telling some of their so-called fans that you don't get to hear that music anymore until you get your head on straight and pay better attention. As an artists, you do have responsibility for what you play and how you present it. You may not be able to completely control what the audience does on its end, but you can do your best to direct its attention.

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Not only do we now have large slices of visual entertainment devoted to as many buckets of blood and dismemberments as can be scripted (see, for example the new Sweeney Todd film) we have sick people freely relishing (and evangelising) the various nasty video clips of murder and carnage available on the internet.

And as for children being able to separate fact from fantasy: the distinction is often undefinable in any person of any age. (Never definable, if you heed, eg, Alvarez, et al.)

Statistics: Posted by badfinger — Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:55 am

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I had a couple of friends going up (two separate families) that were home schooled to keep them away from any music with profanity, any literature or movies with violence, sexual education, etc. They even made them sell their comic books to me. How would you like to be TOLD to sell all of your comic books to one of your best friends? They were also made to attend church twice a week with bible school as well. When they both were finally subjected to the world, one of them ran away to live in his car and the other did everything to the extreme and ended up becoming a drunken mess.

If your kids understand reality enough to known what is real and what is not, they will be fine. I do think there are ages where certain content is inappropriate, but shocking content is becoming rarer this day and age. We are to the point now where it is almost better to teach your kids about this stuff so they understand before some other kid tells them.

On the gun issue...I am glad that so many of you are responsible. After we were robbed last year I have debated getting a gun many times but my wife does not want one in the house. Both of our friends worked for an armored truck business and they both have handguns and carry them everywhere. While I would never want to shoot anyone, there are nights where I've woke up in a panic after hearing a noise and was wishing I had more than just an Aikido Jo next to my bed.

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bigdaddy wrote:
If parents don't teach them then where will they learn it?

That's exactly my point.
You have to teach them right from wrong.
You have to take interest in your children, spend time with them,etc.

Banning Video Games, Movies, etc. is not the answer.
If they don't do it at your house then, they'll be playing those video games, watching those movies at their friend's house.

You can keep your kid away from drugs their entire childhood, that doesn't mean they won't try them the minute one of their friends says it's the "cool" thing to do.

Statistics: Posted by grady — Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:55 am

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601blues wrote:
we become what we surround ourselves with, And to Think Iam OK because I know its not real is Bull shit, Everything you say,eat,where you go,what you do for a job,entertaiment,hobbies,the clothes you wear,the car you drive, music you listen too, all has a direct impact on who you are and the way you think,

I disagree.

When we were kids, we played "Army", we played Cowboys & Indians, etc.
Well, in my Adult Life, I've yet to have the urge to scalp a Native American when I see one.

By your Logic, everyone's personality would change whenever they wore something different, ate something different or traded vehicles.
Sounds like a Schizophrenic Society.

I play Blues but, I don't run around dressed like a old black man from the 30's. If I did, it wouldn't make my music any better or worse.

This is where the Common Sense thing comes into play.
You have to be able to distinguish right from wrong.
You have to teach the kids right from wrong.

You can sit around with your Children watching nothing but Christian Television, that's not going to shape what your kids turn out to be.
How many Preacher's kids did you grow up with who turned out to be total heathens ??
I know quite a few.

On the other hand, it's a good thing Kids don't always grow up to be like their Parents.
In my case, that's a very good thing.
My Father was one of those so-called "Real Men" you hear about. A highly decorated ex-Green Beret.
Not just a "grunt" but rather The top of the heap Military guy.
He was also a very abusive,sadistic f*ck who couldn't adjust to Life outside of the Military.

I thank God every day that I didn't grow up to be like him.

My Step-Son who spent his entire childhood playing video games is getting ready to graduate from College in 2 and a half years instead of the usual 4.
He plans to continue his education after that in a much larger college. His College education has cost us exactly $0.00 because he has a Academic scholarship.
So, that dispells the belief that violent video games causes bad behaviour.

Statistics: Posted by grady — Wed Jan 23, 2008 6:46 pm

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