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Finding a real house gig, is a lot easier if you are a cover band/act. Finding one, when you are an original act, is much harder. I was able to hold down the house gig at the black cat lounge, in austin tx, during austin's heyday. It was the most popular alternative club in town.

Up here in ca, I have a regular sat night gig, that is going on 2 years, and the owner constantly assures me, I will have it as long as he owns the place, and he has owned it for 20 years.

In both cases, it was a unique combination of the owners enthusiasam and the audiences returning. I think without a unique club owner, this rarely happens. I have been booked countless times, in countless clubs, for extended gigs, and only these 2 worked out.

Personally, when a gig starts to get stale, I move on. There is always a new place to play (even if it is the street), but there might be a lagg between getting another regular club gig.

I give you this perspective, because I follow my music, vs my music follows me. I love an enthusiastic crowd, but it has to come on my terms. Some judge me for this, but to me art comes from within, not from the outside in. There are tons of jobs out there that will tell you what to do, and pay zillions of times more than music. I have been at this for 35 years, and have yet to hit a dry spell with gigs, unless I decided to pull the plug. Follow your heart. Life is too short to do anything else. Walter

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Music trivia for a free drink or T shirt is a real good one. Ask what year a song came out or who originally recorded it...most folks know who covered songs or the most popular version. Have them approach the stage with their answer so they don't shout it out. You can do this several times a night if needed.

Audience participation numbers are good, that have a simple chorus that is easy to remember. Encourage the people to sing along, alternating "their" part with "your" part.

I'm sure you don't want to turn your gig into an open mic, but having prequalified musicians sit with you is another way to change it up a bit.

Use your imagination. Anything you can come up with to keep the patrons involved and feeling welcome is what you are looking for. Even working the room at the break counts...hand out a few cards, network and get to know some folks, it makes 'em feel important and you might even get a few more gigs out of it.


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We try to keep the energy up but I can tell it might be getting a little too routine. We would like to bring in a hot lead guitarist, but ASCAP limits this tiny bar to 2 performers. So........

Any old giggin pros out there with any tips, suggestions etc.??

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