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Big Road Blues Discussion Forums 2009-10-21T14:43:56+00:00 2009-10-21T14:43:56+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Still going.]]> We pretty much blanketed a 30 mile raduis with flyers. Did some personal appearances and anounced it in other churchs. Met some of my old jam (still loud as hell) buds and talked it over with them.
The ones that are really annoying are the ones that you speak to the day before that swear they will be there.
I spent time working with the piano player, she doesn't play by ear, going through some easy three chord songs. We have a few and I was suprised how many I could drag up from memory.

Like I said there's always next time.
I want to start hitting the blue's jams in KC to get my harp back to speed and show off..err see if I can play some guitar with them.


PS: About that loud as hell comment. Four of the jam buddies were playing for free at a local small town festival. They were on the main drag through town which is a major highway. There was a street rod show going on. They were tucked between two buildings with nothing behind them. Only the vocals going through a PA. When they took a break the cops came over and told them they were getting complaints about the volume. I laughed myself sick.

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2009-10-20T12:06:03+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Still going.]]>
What was the advertising/notification that you did? I tried running a jam night a long time ago and it fell through because I couldn't get the word out long enough and widely enough to keep the use of the room. It's always the early days of a thing that are the struggle, once you're up and running, it's comparatively (only comparatively) easy to let it roll along.

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2009-10-19T14:11:26+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Still going.]]> None. Zip. Nada. No other musicians came. One couple (my aunt and uncle) stopped by to talk over music that they want to get their church into and we played and sang with them for an hour or so but that was it. Crickets for the rest of it.
No fights or personality clashes though so we got that going for us. :D

We'll see what happens next month. Unless my piano player doesn't show it can't get much worse.


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Jo and i are hoping to do a similar thing here, only at the new library. we just want to see if anyone will come out from town here. to my knowledge there has never been a jam like this here- one has always had to go to the electric jams in little rock. no $$ involved, we want to try it out and see who we can meet and what new experiences we can have here. there are also plans for a new farmers market here in town next year, we hope to get some time in playing there.

keep us posted 1arm!! you know we're behind you!

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2009-08-26T01:34:41+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Still going.]]>
I know what you mean about the differing personalities. I have at least two or three good leaders planning to show. I've only committed to six months (times) then I want the opportunity
to bale if it isn't working. I'm expecting the worst but praying for the best.

As far as not hearing the guitars, I don't expect many reso to show up at a Christian music jam but I'll put them through the PA if necessary but that will be a last resort. That is how we run ours now.

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2009-08-24T19:29:12+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Still going.]]>
Should have mentioned this to I guess. A week ago Saturday I got a call from my Dad. He wanted me to come and sit in on a jam with some people that he camps with. Normally I wouldn't even consider it. Some of these guys have been playing professionally since before I was born. And it's all old country all the time. Think pre 1960. But my Dad has never asked me to do something like that before and I knew he wanted his friends to see me play. Even at 50+ I want my Dad to be proud of me. So I went and sat in on 8-10 songs with the harps. Stayed mostly in 1st position and pretty much all in D. After half a dozen times being asked by Dad if I brought "his" guitar with me, I got it out and played along with harp and guitar. Variations of D-G-A, D-A-G. You get the picture. Then one of them asked if I had anything. Most of the stuff I know by heart is CC. But I asked if they knew Jerry Jeff's "Mr Bogangles' and they didn't. So I called it, play it in C, gave a harp intro, played and sang, a little harp solo, and another for an ending. Got a big round of applause at the end. We had to leave after that but I did enjoy it even though it isn't my type of music. They were great to play with and I think that I can tune my dad's reso to an open tuning and show him enough slide that he could play along with them. I just have to convence him of that.


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2009-08-24T18:22:45+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Still going.]]>

Think carefully about using a low wattage amp or mic up an acoustic guitar if it has to play alongside a resonator or it won't be heard. That's one thing I've learned.

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2009-08-24T17:56:51+00:00 <![CDATA[Still going.]]>
I'm still the worship leader at church. Playing guitar (getting better), harp (don't get to play enough) and song leader, the reason I don't get to play enough harp.
Every week I feel a little more comfortable. I'm starting to arrange some of the songs to work with our little group and I think we are getting our act together somewhat. None of us are experienced players or singers.

This summer the wife and I have been going to the local park and playing and singing for an hour or so once a month. Not much of a turn out but we are growing into it. My wife never sang in public before now either.

Starting next month our church will host an acoustic jam once a month. I will be running it and I decided that we don't have the time nor the space to set up amps and play electrified. I already know some folks who are disappointed with that. They were the ones I had in mind when I made the decision.
We will have vocal mics and harp players can play through those, if any show up.
I have already gotten a good response from word of mouth. Folks as far away as KC (75 miles)
have said they would be there.

Wish me luck or throw some advise my way. I need all the help I can get.


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