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if you can get get it from a library or some other means (it's quite expensive) I would do. You probably only need to read the first 2-3 chapters and you'll be more than qualified for most of the blues theory you'll need.

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Notes in a G major chord: G B D
Notes in a G7 chord: G B D F
Notes in a G9 chord: G B D F A

The notes he plays in the video example of the G9 are:
5th string, 2nd fret: B
4th string, 3rd fret: F
3rd string, 2nd fret: A
2nd string, 3rd fret: D

To generalize from this example, you build a ninth chord from the root, third, fifth, seventh and ninth. A couple of things that you might want to notice: The G that the chord is named after doesn't even appear in this shape! The top three notes, F, A & D, are a Dm chord; if you add a B, the bottom note, you have a Dm6. Most every chord with four or more notes has more than one name. HTH.

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2011-01-01T13:04:54+00:00 <![CDATA[Sliding 9th technic]]> If anybody can shed some light on these as I'd like to find them and print them out for my music book or if you can give other examples of songs, styles or musice they are used in to listen to I'd really appreciate it.



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