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Then I take a sharp pocket-knife and cut several angled cuts on the inside of the pick--where the pad of my thumb contacts the pick--you have to stuck the tip of the knife in there in the opposite direction your thumb goes in. This leaves a bunch of barb-like cuts that hold the pick on much better. Now and then you have to renew the cuts to keep the barbed edges sharp.

I can flat-pick and fingerpick with this rig--or do both in the same song--although I prefer to just use a thick Dawg flatpick if I'm just flatpicking.

I try to use my nails for fingerpicking--but they wear down faster than they grow sometimes--so I have been using the Pro-pick metal ones with double straps. They are uncomfortable, especially if you get them on tight like I need them to be--so I'm planning to try the plastic ones and use the tip above to heat them and run the cold water over them. . .

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However the open space on those recently (yesterday) did end up being a problem for me.

I tried the "raking" type strum/pick (from a brozman video), where you rake the thumbpick down, and the fingers up at the same time....
with the end result of ... blisters. I didn't even know I was grinding the fingertips until a couple hours later. Ouch.

I'll be trying out some full-coverage fingerpicks now, based on yall's good tips in this thread.



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Old Stella wrote:
I live on one side of Michigan and my musician brother lives on the other shore. Sometimes we 'meet in the middle' on an "Elderly Road Trip," .........sometimes we don't buy anything BUT picks. When I see all those Nationals lined up - well - it's better than drugs. Over the last 20 years or so I've traded in a lot of stuff and walked out with some gems. I dragged my dad in there and convinced him that at 71 years of age he's not too old to get a dobro like the one he quit playing when he was 13. He bought one, put the picks on, started playing like he never missed a beat. Here's the funny part, he said, "I gotta play for my teacher, she'd love it." I said, "She's still alive?" He said, "Ya, on 'such and such' road, she must be 95 by now."
I guess music keep you goin'.

That is a great story about your dad. Sounds like a musiacal family. Terry you told me you were old, now you didn't say when this was but you can't be that old if your dad was 71 in the last decade or so. My dad is 85.
My car steered itself to Elderly last saturday, I saw a used amp I wanted to look at and while it was in good shape & the price was right it was to heavy & didn't want something that heavy. I showed great refrain, walked out with a couple picks and a couple saddle blanks & spent less than $20.
Oh, and I did fool with this one a little, you would have thought I was on drugs I alsmost drooled on it.


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I live 2 hours from Elderly. I envy you.
Isn't it bliss to bask beneath the resonators, marvel at the Martins, and dig thru the drawers of picks?
Is it bliss or a sickness?

Statistics: Posted by Old Stella — Fri Jul 10, 2009 9:34 pm