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gaucho wrote:
That's really hard when you are an addicted tinkerer like me!

And me too. Already I've changed the machine heads for aesthetic reasons(StewMac three on a plate replica vintage) - very successful. And stripped the paint off leaving a time worn look also aesthetic and also very successful. But I'm not a gambling man and I don't think It's wise to push her any further given all the responses and help supplied here. So thanks, guys for passing across the knowledge and enabling me to make up my mind. :D Peace.

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Put a new Continential in my 1932 Dobro - the stock cone was crushed so really can't compare. The new one does have a sweet long sustain - it really does sing. Backing off the tension screw helps that a lot.

When I came time to build my tri cone I simply bought a set of new NRP's - I knew I could save money with Beards or some others but I knew the Nat's would be good. It is hard to evaluate the tri cone since it is wood body - the sustain is longer than the Duolian, shorter than the Dobro. The wood body kills a lot of the raspiness - if I dig in hard it still sounds pretty nasty, but played with a light touch (flesh and nails) it has almost an acoustic guitar sound. I find I can play Kottke and Allman's Little Martha and similar that you wouldn't normally do on a reso.

I'm happy with each guitar-cone combinations, and each one fits a very definite musical need. The Duolian is for delta blues - loud and in your face, the Dobro is happiest playing Ry Cooder/John Fahey stuff, and the tri cone does everything from finger picked blues to jazz.

Statistics: Posted by Freeman — Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:22 pm

2012-07-17T21:40:07+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: If she ain't broke....]]> Peace.

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2012-07-16T04:52:46+00:00 <![CDATA[If she ain't broke....]]> So why am I thinking of either a Stew-Mac or a National cone? I know they have their reputations, but how would I know how either one compares with my Republic cone? New cones are not cheap and I would need firm assurance that the tonal difference would be most considerable, hence my subject heading 'If she ain't broke, don't fix her' :? . I know there are a lot of you guys who have swapped cones under these circumstances, so how about it, guys? What did you find? I would appreciate any opinions based on experience or links to compare and contrast. :D Peace

Statistics: Posted by ricbleu — Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:52 am