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Are we to believe that the Fest was not a success for SIX consecutive years? Somebody from the City of Madison must have their head way up their arse to let a boost to the local economy slip away like that.

History Lesson #1. You can always count on the Department of Rules, Regulations and Restrictions to screw things up. Reminds me of what used to be the largest and most successful amateur baseball tournament in the country held in my hometown. In the 1970s and 80s it was THE place to be for Labor Day weekend. People actually flocked to Battle Creek from great distances for a genuine event that drew thousands more people than just diehard baseball fans for a truly wonderful atmosphere. Then they banned alcohol and coolers, followed by prohibiting grills and tailgating excessories that used to be allowed beyond the outfield fences. Finally, they tore down the outfield bleachers when they renovated the park, leaving an antiseptic atmosphere with no charm or lienencies. In a greedy attempt to profit from alcohol and concession sales, the City destroyed it's hallmark event, overlooking the thousands of admission tickets they were selling. Now the event struggles to survive with only a few hundred diehard baseball fans in attendance.


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Viscere bracis meis

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