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i'm sure you'll all hear something from me, negative or whatever but still.

(still can't manage tongue blocking, have to get some practace in....

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anyways i bought just a cheep Hohner harp for about £6 and decided to start playing *too add a bit to a few of our songs that could do with a bit of a change in them*

i looked thought about 3 different sites before finding this one. and this one has helped me by far more than any of the others i have found.

and i just really wanted to say many thanks and express my appretiation for all the help this site has given me just in the past couple of days.

(p.s. if this is in the wrong section or anything please feel free to move/delete to your hearts content, as long as the site admin reads this thats fine by me).

thanks again.


Statistics: Posted by retsek — Mon Sep 04, 2006 8:29 pm