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Big Road Blues Discussion Forums 2005-02-23T13:17:48+00:00 2005-02-23T13:17:48+00:00 <![CDATA[RE: Use the link icon]]>
I've been making a donation just about every month, and I'd like to challenge everybody here, that can, to do the same.

This is a great place, let's keep it alive.

Statistics: Posted by bluesmcgoo — Wed Feb 23, 2005 1:17 pm

2005-02-23T13:00:17+00:00 <![CDATA[RE: Use the link icon]]> >use the link icon at the top of the main page; that way,
>they can track the amount of purchases coming from BRB
>members and evaluate their expenses better, and you'll get
>"credit" for it. Don't go directly to them by typing in the
>url yerself. Anything we can do to keep this forum alive is
>good, IMO.
Has anybody seen the post regarding the need to add disc space for this forum...? Apparently only 1% of our members have made a donation to help keep this running; I think it'd be a great idea for anybody who cares, to donate at least a little. If alotta people would just give a few bucks, it would help alot. It always irks me when people aren't willin' to even do a little to help provide services, when we all use services that wouldn't be there except for other peoples' contributions. If you're dead broke, that's one thing, but otherwise, if you're snoozin', you're losin'. One of these days, this site will be gone, if we don't change our attitudes. If you use this forum, please consider using the host's icon to link to CtoC, for purchasing guitars, harps, etc. This is my opinion only.

Statistics: Posted by jeffl — Wed Feb 23, 2005 1:00 pm

2004-09-14T22:12:34+00:00 <![CDATA[Use the link icon]]> Statistics: Posted by jeffl — Tue Sep 14, 2004 10:12 pm