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Big Road Blues Discussion Forums 2012-03-27T23:57:57+00:00 2012-03-27T23:57:57+00:00 <![CDATA[Latin Soul, Blue Heart - SoCal]]> In my family things like music and sports were to be taken as hobbies while academics was the only thing that existed/mattered.

Didn't pick up my first instrument until I was 21 when I bought myself a set of bongos for $40 at the Guitar Center. I was hearing a lot of old Salsa at the time, finally last year I got myself a guitar. Been playing everyday for the last couple of months now. I have been writing for a few years now in Spanish back when I DJ'd parties. I can play a few songs but mostly have learned scales so I could play many Blues songs as quickly as possible. I've recently started using my ear a lot more since composing started being a part of the daily routine along with writing. I work with my brother who plays drums and a friend who's a pianist and plays the 1970 Hammond Organ I bought in late February. We've been rehearsing for the last two months or so and now I found this forum, which is awesome as it seems there is not only a wealth of information but also a great community of members, which I love in forums as I am a member of many. I go by the name of Miggs Malo, Miggs short for Miguel and Malo for Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe as they were called Los Malos de la Salsa/Bad Guys of Salsa.

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